This guide does not claim, not wants to be, an exhaustive guide to git. It attempts to give a basic mental model for what the commands are actually doing in plain English and with some simple diagrams. Complex topics such as git, of which we’ve only begun to scratch the surface, are mastered by learning from multiple sources and after use and experimentation in practice. Much of the power of git comes from when things don’t work exactly as planned or when there’s subtly different use cases for you or your collaborators situation.


The inner cycle recommends making frequent commits to the local repo but doesn’t, for instance, say how to undo a commit to get back to an earlier repo state. Also, depending on the consensus of your development team, there might be a preference to keeping one commit per feature branch. The method of collapsing multiple commits into one is easily accomplished but again, outwith the remit of this guide.


Having read all of the entries, you’re long overdue trying out the commands yourself, either with your own programming project or by using one of the many excellent online, interactive git tutorials.