If you’ve ever had great results from a diet or fitness program for only a short amount of time, that’s probably not an accident. Diets and exercise routines come and go like fashions, and so do the books, websites, vloggers, and streamers, that sell them to you. I believe that there are no shortcuts to life-long fitness: so rather than let someone tell you how to eat or exercise, learn how your body responds to exercise yourself. Learn the difference between exercise and training. Understand why the way you’ve tried to get fit in the past will always only work for the short-term.

Do that, and you’ll have fitness that you don’t have to think about again. Learn how your body works and you’ll have fitness that stays with you forever.

These posts won’t tell you what to eat, or how to create a diet plan. They won’t list endless different types of exercises, or be your one-stop-shop for training routines. What they do provide are key insights that describe how to approach training; how you need need to eat, rest, and workout, to begin your journey becoming fit for life. Before you set one foot in a gym, this is the route to fitness.

UPDATE: These posts are available as a convenient DRM-free ebook on Amazon.

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Change for life
Sacrifice and results
Question everything
Measure the right thing
Body image
Systems not goals
Fitness types
The body as an engine
Increase calories
Preparation for training
Get strong first
Why getting strong is hard – Part I
Why getting strong is hard – Part II
Why getting strong is hard – Part III
Compound lifts
Technique is key
Basis of strength
Ratio of lifts
Move outwards from the core
Warming up and down
Ready to start