You tell yourself, “This diet, this fitness programme, this personal trainer is different. This time is different. This time I will get the body I have always dreamt of. This time I will be truly happy.”

A house built on a bed of sand will never last. If you’re trying to get fit without understanding how your body works, without understanding how it reacts to exercise, food and rest, then this diet, programme, trainer will fail like all previous attempts.

The posts listed below are a general guide, designed for the person who wants to make a change to improve their health and fitness but doesn’t know exactly what that should be. They teach high level concepts that require no exercise equipment or gym membership.

Understand your body, your objectives, and yourself, and you will be building on a bed of rock.

Snake oil selling better than ever
Change for life
Sacrifice and results
Question everything
Measure the right thing
Body image
Systems not goals
Fitness types
The body as an engine
Increase calories
Preparation for training
Get strong first
Why getting strong is hard – Part I
Why getting strong is hard – Part II
Why getting strong is hard – Part III
Compound lifts
Technique is key
Basis of strength
Ratio of lifts
Move outwards from the core
Warming up and down
Ready to start